Supply Chain Management SIG

Wednesday 17th March 2021 at 8:30am - 12:00pm

Dial In Webinar

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Our SCM SIG covers the entire supply chain: IBP (integrated business planning); forecasting; inventory optimisation; planning and scheduling; sales order processing; procurement; receipt of goods from suppliers; manufacturing; sub-contracting; warehousing and storage and despatches to customers - anything SAP related to these business processes.

The full agenda and content for this session will be online shortly, but take a look at some of the benefits this SIG brings:

Perhaps the most diverse of SIGs, covering the widest range of subjects. Some people are simply interested in a helicopter view of their Supply Chain processes via a dashboard, while others are really interested in the fine detail of for example, warehouse locations.

A typical agenda covers the following, a couple of customer stories, we try to ensure these are not from pushy salesmen, they are from people who have gone through a project, and are able to share their experiences, and real life pitfalls and lessons learned. Customer stories also receive discount to the annual user group conference. If you have been through a project, that is the subject of one of our events, get in touch and present; you won’t regret it.

Typically a third party presents a case study to showcase their products. Whilst we understand the third party (usually the sponsor of the event) would like some sales leads from the event, we don’t allow pure sales pitches of how wonderful their product is without the case study to back it up.

SAP often attend to give a very insightful presentation on what is around the corner, and their roadmap for aspects of the SCM software.

We are a networking organisation. We promote discussion. We encourage interaction. These are YOUR events. Don’t be shy in asking a question, usually somebody else at the event has either experienced your problem, or know they are about to. You know more than you know. Share your knowledge.

If you have experience on SCM, or a vested interest in this topic, you will be attending an event full of like-minded individuals. Reading about topics, watching YouTube about topics, is no substitute for sharing and listening to real life people. Plus, you may end up with some free consultancy.


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