Musings on SAP


The new normal…or perhaps not

Today, the buzz is all around the “new normal”. Except in reality our lives have yet to be fully defined by the impact of COVID-19 – there is a long road… Read more


Reflections of a long-time volunteer:

Back in 2000 I was two years into my experience of SAP software, and I went along to a UK & Ireland SAP User Group meeting.… Read more


Managing disruption at a time of crisis

​The COVID-19 global pandemic has disrupted everything, everywhere. All organisations should have had business continuity measures, and they should have been… Read more


Three steps to address the IT skills gap

Anyone who says there isn’t a skills gap has their head in the sand.… Read more


It’s new and we need it!

There are times when you need to upgrade to new technology and there are times when you need to add technology to the organisation.… Read more


It’s just the IT department...

​And herein lies the problem…..the perception of IT within a business.In most organisations this perception is directly driven by the behaviour of the internal… Read more


Time for an Upgrade?

Should I upgrade to the latest phone? Should I upgrade my current car to an electric one? Is it time to move to a bigger house? These changes affect just a few… Read more



The latest from UKISUG Director Alan Bowling​, ahead of UKISUG Connect 2019. It’s that time of year when you need to consider attending the UK and Ireland’s… Read more


Licensed or not? (Part 2): The SAP story

In part 2 of his licensing blog post, UKISUG Director Alan Bowling, looks at the history of SAP licensing, including different marketing terms and the importance of… Read more


Licensed or not? (Part 1)

In part 1 of his licensing blog post, UKISUG Director Alan Bowling, looks at the complex landscape facing SAP users, the various models on offer and the need to… Read more


Who runs IT now?

The question of who runs your IT is one of the biggest facing any organisation. UKISUG Director, Alan Bowling delves further into finding the right model for… Read more


Data, Data – it’s everywhere!

Our organisations have mountains of data - and with that comes many challenges and considerations. UKISUG Director, Alan Bowling tells us more.… Read more


It’s a Cloudy Business

So, if you have decided Cloud is for you. How do you get there and what do you need to do? UKISUG Director, Alan Bowling, looks at the important questions that need… Read more


Transformation is THE word

SAP is transforming, so should you? In the first of a new series of blog posts, UKISUG Director, Alan Bowling, shares his thoughts and experiences from working in… Read more

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